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30th Apr 2018, 2:13 AM

Lance pulling out a small miracle again to temporarily escape from Jeren. You might remember this conversation way back in chapter one. :D

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30th Apr 2018, 4:54 AM

Wow, i wasn't expecting him to do that, I 'vaguely' remember a conversation about Lance needing to get a love-lock for someone, but now i remember, seems Jeren has other 'priorities' right now.
Shame, looks like Lance wont get that chance to visit the healers hall. XD

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30th Apr 2018, 3:34 PM

Yeah I was a bit surprised at how far back I had to go to find the link for it. I didn't realise it was way back in chapter one. But one thing Jeren loves besides fighting, is gossip - particularly if it has to do with his own pack mates. :D Lance will just have to wait a little bit longer (and hopefully find a healthier excuse to visit the healers. ^.^

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