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7th Aug 2017, 2:41 AM

And Flanix makes a deal he can't make good on. :D Should be interesting when the wolven find out...

I am now two updates (two weeks) from hitting the 200 page mark and I've been working on a bit of a special for you guys which is six pages long. I'm almost finished, only one more page to go then adding text. Hopefully you will all like it, you get to see inside what the wolven keep referring to as Sthranos's pit.

A big thanks to all those who vote! Love you guys!!

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Reaper Dragon
7th Aug 2017, 2:53 AM

If the wolven find out what it's like to hug a fire foxian he will hate being popular.

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7th Aug 2017, 11:53 PM

Very true. Wolven are way to touchy feely for Foxciean liking.

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7th Aug 2017, 5:26 AM

"Can't touch this" you say.......STOP. HAMMER TIME! sorry couldn't resist.
anyway, i think that is what my cat thinks of me. she spends most of the time sleeping on my lap or chest, depends if im sitting or sleeping.

When they do FIND OUT not only will the wolven demand blood, but im sure Sindi will likely skin Lance for making the deal in the first place, if Threan dosent 'cut his tail off' first. 😆

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7th Aug 2017, 11:56 PM

Ha haa! I was waiting for it. :D I love pets. My dog is kind of the same. I'll be sitting in my bean bag and she'll come over and rest her head on it close enough for her freezing cold nose to touch me. If I move away she stretches out just that little bit further until I pat her.

Sind will possibly skin Lance and make a rug out of him. She's definitely not going to be happy.

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