Cats - just like vermin
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18th Jul 2016, 2:10 AM

Cat's really aren't very good at hand to hand combat hence Lance's remark. Wolven on the other hand love it. The only exception to this rule has been the cat Selan who was obsessed with beating Lagustin. Otherwise cats are known for their dependency on technology.

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Reaper Dragon
18th Jul 2016, 3:33 AM

I'm surprised he didn't try adding in to the deal a home visit for two patients and the added confidentiality required.
The fire foxian is still unconscious, right?

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18th Jul 2016, 5:02 PM

We'll see. im guessing no Though, and the better question is, is Wind going to try and ambuth Threan when he enters, what's left of Lance's burning room.


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18th Jul 2016, 10:03 PM

Lance isn't too keen to advertise the fact that not only has two cats but a couple of foxcieans stashed away as well. :D As for Flanix being still unconscious... Well he might be... we'll have to wait and see. ^.^

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