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1Character Profile - Jeren19th Apr 20141 Comments
2Food5th May 20140 Comments
3Character Profile - Threan20th May 20141 Comments
4Character profile - Sticey20th Aug 20141 Comments
5Character Profile - Lance1st Oct 20141 Comments
6Cool Greetings1st Dec 20143 Comments
7Merry Christmas 2014!!25th Dec 20141 Comments
8Happy New Year 1st Jan 20151 Comments
9Character profile - Scuvener24th Jul 20153 Comments
10It hurts22nd Dec 20150 Comments
11Free labor16th May 20166 Comments
12Contagious4th Jul 20162 Comments
13I don't like either of those things31st Oct 20165 Comments
14Character - Lincel1st Oct 20185 Comments


15History23rd Feb 20143 Comments
16History 2.023rd Feb 20141 Comments
17Don't you trust me?24th Feb 20140 Comments
18Cover24th Feb 20142 Comments
19Talking to dogs24th Feb 20140 Comments
20Dog food24th Feb 20140 Comments
21Goldfish memory24th Feb 20140 Comments
22Skipping class24th Feb 20140 Comments
23insufficient data24th Feb 20140 Comments
24The cute, the cuddly and the morons24th Feb 20142 Comments
25Just a little bite24th Feb 20140 Comments
26Don't leave me24th Feb 20140 Comments
27You can't escape!25th Feb 20141 Comments
28Running into trouble26th Feb 20141 Comments
29Meet the wolven23rd Mar 20140 Comments
30Snatch23rd Mar 20140 Comments
31Dead weight23rd Mar 20140 Comments
32New fashion trend23rd Mar 20140 Comments
33Don't leave me23rd Mar 20140 Comments
34Wake up call23rd Mar 20140 Comments
35Oh so convenient23rd Mar 20140 Comments
36Whoosh23rd Mar 20141 Comments
37Not listening...30th Mar 20140 Comments
38population two7th Apr 20142 Comments
39I hate you7th Apr 20143 Comments
40Lagustin?14th Apr 20140 Comments
41What's your name?21st Apr 20142 Comments
42He's what!?23rd Apr 20140 Comments
43Right this way27th Apr 20140 Comments
44Lance Reshkee!12th May 20141 Comments
45Quiet19th May 20141 Comments
46Walk with me26th May 20141 Comments
47Please sir26th May 20141 Comments
48precocious child2nd Jun 20143 Comments
49Oh fine9th Jun 20141 Comments
50catch me up16th Jun 20141 Comments
51elsewhere23rd Jun 20141 Comments
52It wasn't my idea!30th Jun 20141 Comments
53Regrets7th Jul 20140 Comments
54Bets are on!14th Jul 20144 Comments
55Home sweet home?21st Jul 20140 Comments
56Eternal Sky28th Jul 20141 Comments
57Hurry now!4th Aug 20141 Comments
58Usurper11th Aug 20141 Comments
59Close it!18th Aug 20143 Comments
60The perils of living in a floating fortress25th Aug 20140 Comments
61The confession1st Sep 20141 Comments
62gentle persuasion 8th Sep 20142 Comments
63Rune11th Sep 20141 Comments
64Wind dragons15th Sep 20141 Comments
65How foolish22nd Sep 20141 Comments
66For the best29th Sep 20140 Comments
67Make him dissapear6th Oct 20141 Comments
68Promises must be kept13th Oct 20140 Comments
69Don't panic!20th Oct 20141 Comments
70I've got you27th Oct 20140 Comments
71Beware the wolven3rd Nov 20141 Comments
72Stuffy foxes10th Nov 20141 Comments
73Late17th Nov 20141 Comments
74Ice Ice baby24th Nov 20140 Comments
75unspoken rules8th Dec 20141 Comments
76No help required15th Dec 20141 Comments
77Snowflakes22nd Dec 20140 Comments
78World of pain5th Jan 20151 Comments
79Put him in the pot12th Jan 20150 Comments
80The interesting things19th Jan 20153 Comments
81So lonely25th Jan 20151 Comments
82An idea is born2nd Feb 20151 Comments
83Aaachooo9th Feb 20151 Comments
84Realisation16th Feb 20151 Comments
85Love a good chase23rd Feb 20151 Comments
86Wait....How?2nd Mar 20153 Comments
87Innocent until caught9th Mar 20151 Comments
88Listen for death16th Mar 20151 Comments
89Outsider23rd Mar 20151 Comments
90Too good an opportunity30th Mar 20153 Comments
91Because that's stopped you13th Apr 20151 Comments
92Wham!20th Apr 20151 Comments
93silent27th Apr 20151 Comments
94You know??2nd May 20151 Comments
95just a little push11th May 20151 Comments
96Brother13th May 20150 Comments
97Push me18th May 20151 Comments
98Oh snap25th May 20151 Comments
99Brm Brm1st Jun 20151 Comments
100Stand steady8th Jun 20151 Comments
101Too tough15th Jun 20151 Comments
102what it takes22nd Jun 20151 Comments
103More Power!29th Jun 20151 Comments
104This has to work!6th Jul 20151 Comments
105Overload13th Jul 20151 Comments
106It missed?20th Jul 20153 Comments
107It's so tiny!27th Jul 20150 Comments
108You know what they say3rd Aug 20151 Comments
109Take it home10th Aug 20151 Comments
110So original17th Aug 20151 Comments
111Not an option24th Aug 20151 Comments
112Ice blue31st Aug 20151 Comments
113Take me home7th Sep 20153 Comments
114Endings are beginnings14th Sep 20151 Comments


115100 special21st Sep 20151 Comments
116Small gods 125th Sep 20151 Comments
117Small gods 228th Sep 20151 Comments
118Shameless advertising.21st Dec 20152 Comments
119Merry Christmas 2015!25th Dec 20156 Comments
120Wind dragon5th Dec 20162 Comments
121200 Special pg 121st Aug 20174 Comments
122200 Special pg 230th Aug 20175 Comments
123200 Special pg 31st Sep 20172 Comments
124200 Special pg 43rd Sep 20170 Comments
125200 Special pg 55th Sep 20170 Comments

Chapter 2

126covert actions5th Oct 20151 Comments
127Wet rug magic12th Oct 20151 Comments
128Love locks and nosey brothers19th Oct 20151 Comments
129Sly little fox26th Oct 20151 Comments
130Useless piece of...2nd Nov 20151 Comments
131Escape!9th Nov 20153 Comments
132Knives and fools16th Nov 20156 Comments
133Welcome to the healer halls23rd Nov 20153 Comments
134And this is why we're scared...30th Nov 20153 Comments
135You're what?!7th Dec 20156 Comments
136Common sense14th Dec 20157 Comments
137You could hope28th Dec 20155 Comments
138Sleep when I'm dead4th Jan 20169 Comments
139You'll see11th Jan 20163 Comments
140Dragons!18th Jan 20165 Comments
141Influence25th Jan 20163 Comments
142Uncrosimatic!1st Feb 20166 Comments
143Wind Foxcieans and rules8th Feb 20166 Comments
144Unbelievable15th Feb 20165 Comments
145Summons22nd Feb 20165 Comments
146Possibilities29th Feb 20162 Comments
147Deals with the dead7th Mar 20163 Comments
148Suffering14th Mar 20163 Comments
149Logical explanation21st Mar 20161 Comments
150Logical explanation21st Mar 20161 Comments
151Only teasing28th Mar 20163 Comments
152Always late4th Apr 20165 Comments
153Lance, I'm not your father11th Apr 20165 Comments
154In such a hurry...18th Apr 20167 Comments
155All fun and knives25th Apr 20165 Comments
156Forefathers2nd May 20167 Comments
157Fooooooood9th May 20168 Comments
158Gifts23rd May 20165 Comments
159Give me time30th May 20166 Comments
160Front seats6th Jun 20162 Comments
161Always an audience13th Jun 20165 Comments
162Can I-20th Jun 20166 Comments
163No way..27th Jun 20167 Comments
164poser11th Jul 20166 Comments
165Cats - just like vermin18th Jul 20164 Comments
166I hate you all25th Jul 20164 Comments
167Fear is the norm1st Aug 20165 Comments
168Exotic diseases8th Aug 20167 Comments
169Boop15th Aug 20165 Comments
170Welcome22nd Aug 20166 Comments
171Take on me29th Aug 20163 Comments
172Fight for the future!5th Sep 20163 Comments
173Why you?12th Sep 20168 Comments
174Howl at the moon19th Sep 20165 Comments
175Food glorious food26th Sep 20167 Comments
176The children3rd Oct 20166 Comments
177Run Lance Run!10th Oct 20166 Comments
178Traitor17th Oct 20169 Comments
179No cake :(24th Oct 20169 Comments
180Just a little bit7th Nov 20166 Comments
181Wake up114th Nov 20165 Comments
182Legacy names21st Nov 20165 Comments
183Violent creatures28th Nov 20169 Comments
184Clones12th Dec 20165 Comments
185Try not to burn things down...19th Dec 20167 Comments
186A good job2nd Jan 20173 Comments
187bad smells9th Jan 20179 Comments
188In case of fire16th Jan 20175 Comments
189Are you ready?23rd Jan 20173 Comments
190Threat negated30th Jan 201712 Comments
191Don't panic6th Feb 20173 Comments
192Tough decisions13th Feb 20171 Comments
193Tough decisions13th Feb 20177 Comments
194Your fault20th Feb 20177 Comments
195live in ghosts27th Feb 20177 Comments
196Types of Foxcieans6th Mar 20175 Comments
197Strategy13th Mar 20175 Comments
198On my mark20th Mar 20175 Comments
199Common language27th Mar 20175 Comments
200Hostage3rd Apr 20177 Comments
201Fooom!10th Apr 20175 Comments
202Lost in pain17th Apr 20175 Comments
203totally not my fault24th Apr 20173 Comments
204Try harder1st May 20173 Comments
205History8th May 20178 Comments
206Mind readers15th May 20173 Comments
207The truth22nd May 20173 Comments
208Sit down, stay a while29th May 20175 Comments
209Small resistance5th Jun 20177 Comments
210Missing memories12th Jun 20173 Comments
211All that time ago...19th Jun 20175 Comments
212Firenix's chosen26th Jun 20171 Comments
213Pick it up!3rd Jul 20173 Comments
214Colluding10th Jul 20173 Comments
215Lazy17th Jul 20175 Comments
216totally fine24th Jul 20173 Comments
217bad decisions31st Jul 20177 Comments
218Can't touch this7th Aug 20175 Comments
219Master of misdirection14th Aug 20176 Comments
220Strange locations21st Aug 20176 Comments
221200 Special pg 67th Sep 20175 Comments

Chapter 3

222Wind dragon deals18th Sep 20173 Comments
223Need more power!25th Sep 20174 Comments
224breakout2nd Oct 20171 Comments
225Shoulder dragon9th Oct 20176 Comments
226To much power23rd Oct 20173 Comments
227Family matters30th Oct 20173 Comments
228Eyeball5th Nov 20173 Comments
229Zombie13th Nov 20173 Comments
230Never mind20th Nov 20175 Comments
231Calm down27th Nov 20173 Comments
232Talk to me4th Dec 20173 Comments
233So many S's8th Jan 20183 Comments
234Feel the wind15th Jan 20181 Comments
235Fall behind22nd Jan 20186 Comments
236Laughing matter29th Jan 20185 Comments
237Oh... you're serious.5th Feb 20182 Comments
238Secret admirer12th Feb 20183 Comments
239Stiker's history19th Feb 20184 Comments
240Feed me26th Feb 20183 Comments
241Wastage5th Mar 20185 Comments
242Ashen12th Mar 20188 Comments
243Commander?19th Mar 20182 Comments
244Announcement26th Mar 20185 Comments
245Good terms2nd Apr 20182 Comments
246Not very helpful9th Apr 20183 Comments
247Wide open spaces16th Apr 20189 Comments
248Lots of options23rd Apr 20186 Comments
249Flipjar30th Apr 20183 Comments
250Welcome!7th May 20183 Comments
251Long speech14th May 20183 Comments
252Stealth master level - 021st May 20185 Comments
253Can't stop me now28th May 20187 Comments
254Intruder alert!4th Jun 20183 Comments
255Plead11th Jun 20186 Comments
256Hard knocks17th Jun 20181 Comments
257By the scruff25th Jun 20187 Comments
258Link up2nd Jul 20182 Comments
259Wealth of knowledge.9th Jul 20185 Comments
260Worth the risk16th Jul 20183 Comments
261Spy23rd Jul 20188 Comments
262Intentional accidents.30th Jul 20184 Comments
263Liar liar6th Aug 201812 Comments
264Not overly confident.20th Aug 20187 Comments
265He's not here27th Aug 20186 Comments
266The future3rd Sep 20186 Comments
267Eager to please10th Sep 20186 Comments
268Do we know her?17th Sep 20187 Comments
269Character - Relence25th Sep 20185 Comments
270Everything's changed26th Sep 20185 Comments
271Show yourself!2nd Oct 20184 Comments
272Crispy ash8th Oct 20185 Comments
273Sing my praises15th Oct 20185 Comments
274That hurt.29th Oct 20185 Comments
275Switching sides5th Nov 20187 Comments
276Little gods12th Nov 20183 Comments
277Infiltrate19th Nov 20185 Comments
278Not too late26th Nov 20187 Comments
279Fooom!3rd Dec 20186 Comments
280So Fluffy10th Dec 20185 Comments
281be alarmed!17th Dec 20181 Comments
282be alarmed!17th Dec 20187 Comments
283Out of breath7th Jan 20197 Comments
284No deal14th Jan 20197 Comments
285meltdown21st Jan 20197 Comments
286Everyone Out!28th Jan 20196 Comments
287Shoo4th Feb 20197 Comments
288Precaution11th Feb 20195 Comments
289a bit upset...18th Feb 20195 Comments
290Not to plan25th Feb 20197 Comments
291Ahead!4th Mar 20197 Comments
292Blood wolves11th Mar 20195 Comments
293Good student.18th Mar 20197 Comments
294Monster25th Mar 20195 Comments
295Idle threats8th Apr 20198 Comments
296Excellent15th Apr 20197 Comments
297Winner22nd Apr 20197 Comments
298Fierce29th Apr 20195 Comments

Chapter 4

299Empire of the Jackals6th May 20195 Comments
300Castes13th May 20193 Comments
301Bay20th May 20198 Comments
302Prize27th May 20195 Comments
303smooth pebbles3rd Jun 20199 Comments
304Secrets10th Jun 20193 Comments
305Blue17th Jun 20197 Comments
306Endless24th Jun 20193 Comments
307Creep1st Jul 20195 Comments
308Hair styles8th Jul 20196 Comments
309Save the meat.22nd Jul 20193 Comments
310Feh29th Jul 20193 Comments
311Ugly bugs5th Aug 20195 Comments
312What's all the noise?12th Aug 20197 Comments
313Better situations19th Aug 20193 Comments
314Shaneek26th Aug 20191 Comments
315Buy your safety.2nd Sep 20193 Comments
316Betrayal!9th Sep 20197 Comments
317Sightless16th Sep 20194 Comments
318Bliss interrupted23rd Sep 20193 Comments
319No30th Sep 201911 Comments
320I SAID...!7th Oct 20193 Comments
321Stillness14th Oct 20193 Comments
322Dead weight21st Oct 20195 Comments
323Little flower28th Oct 20193 Comments
324My little puddle4th Nov 20199 Comments
325The deep11th Nov 20191 Comments
326Cold baths18th Nov 20191 Comments
327Illegal hair25th Nov 20191 Comments
328Hidden potential2nd Dec 20191 Comments
329Seri9th Dec 20191 Comments
330It's late.17th Dec 20191 Comments
331Lame leg23rd Dec 20193 Comments
332Mumma mia30th Dec 20195 Comments
333Meeting family6th Jan 20202 Comments
334Shani13th Jan 20201 Comments
335Fairy Tails20th Jan 20205 Comments
336Self return27th Jan 20201 Comments
337Prepared3rd Feb 20204 Comments
338Tags10th Feb 20201 Comments
339Jackpot!17th Feb 20201 Comments
340Plan Progresses24th Feb 20201 Comments
341Eliminate2nd Mar 20201 Comments
342Out of misery9th Mar 20201 Comments
343Not completely useless16th Mar 20203 Comments
344Whaaat?23rd Mar 20202 Comments
345No no nooooooooo30th Mar 20202 Comments
346Fluffy wide eye6th Apr 20203 Comments
347Were oh were has the Astradia been?21st Apr 20203 Comments
348Can I call you 'Scu'?27th Apr 20201 Comments
349just choking5th May 20203 Comments
350hidden talents.11th May 20201 Comments
351reunited23rd May 20201 Comments
352beating up the dud25th May 20201 Comments